The Firm


Born in 1993, among the mythical law firms between Calle Nueva, Gilena y Cuna, in Seville, Cortés & Co. Is made up of highly qualified professionals and offices in the coast of Malaga (Fuengirola y Benalmádena), Seville, Ceuta, and London.

The consolidation and development of Cortes & Co. Lawyers has extoled it within the best local law firms in national and European cases, having a distinguished position in its national field.

Cortés & Co. Give advice in every area of law, particularly in Civil Law (Real Estate and Banking), Business Law, and Criminal Law, with total commitment with our clients and with the target of being excellence in our services.

Cortes & Co. Lawyers has solid and permanent collaborations with lawyers and law firms in Spain and Europe. Since 2017 the firm is part of the national net Anagse, collaborating with top national law firms to give our clients global advice and defense anywhere in the country.

Cortes & Co. Lawyers has a branch in London commanded by prestigious lawyer Mister Dimitri Boris Pashov, in order to fulfill our commitment with overseas clients.


José Luis Cortés y García

Accumulate more than 24 years as a lawyer, especially focused on Civil Law, Business Law, and Criminal Law, his 15 years in banking working for recognized entities as Banco Atlantico, SA, Unicaja and Banco Pastor, and more than 17 years as expert in Business Administration, Promoter, Builder, define his professionalism and dedication.


  • Law Degree by University of Seville.
  • Member number 7.083 of Seville´s Bar Association since 1993.
  • Certification in Forensic Practices by Seville Bar Association.
  • Master in Financial Entities Managing by Universidad de Empresa Foundation.
  • Master in building developing companies managing by Business Practice Institute (IPE).
  • Expert in coperatives managing since 2014.
  • Expert in Project Management and Real Estate Marketing by IPE since 2008.
  • Expert in Professional Coaching by Emociona since 2015.
  • Specialist in Compliance by Cumplen Association since 2017.

Cristóbal Gutiérrez Ruiz

Vocational lawyer. Treasured his profesional experience succesfuly attending trial son Civil Law, Business Law, and Penalty Law, before the Courts of Madrid, Seville, and Malaga. Among his main duties, stand out his skills to writing claims, reports and complaints, attending trials, and judicial statements. He also participates in notarial signments, contracts and Company meetings. He is committed with our clients interests, analyzing from the beggining every case to offer the very best solution. He knows and manage the last precedents and develope the best strategy to reach victory in and out the Courts.


  • Law Degree by Uniersity of Malaga.
  • Member numer 7.759 of Malaga´s Bar Association since 2011.
  • Master in Law by Malaga´s Bar Association.
  • Expert in Civil Law and Accountancy by the Bussines Excellency Schooll.
  • Expert in Banking Law by International University of Andalucia.

Dimitri Boris Pashov

Higlights of his education
His main working areas are financial advice, Corporate Law, Porject Manager, banking and investment. All combined with long International Banking experience and Deep knowledge of the petrol, gas and aluminium indsutries.

Further than being qualified as Procurator in England and Wells, he is also lawyer of the Russian Federation and MBA in International Business.


Professional Services

Our committment is to give a high standard defense on the grounds of Civil Law, Penalty Law, Administrative Law, or Labour Law, for individuals and companies.

We add a to our legal advice, deep knowledge of the problems and the judicial reality for individuals and companies.

For as, the Law practice, is the way to reach conflict solutions, reality and problems anticipation and development of profitable and safety activities.

Focused on that, we offer permanent legal advice on the important social and economic areas to our clients. If your are looking for a especialist lawyer in Real Estate and Construction Law in Fuengirola or Malaga, do not hesistate in contacting us. We will be delighted in help you.


We join our strengths to give you solutions.