High level of quality

Cortes & Co. Lawyers provides high quality and inmediately services.

We keep and absolute compromise with our clients intereses.

Furthermore, we offer personalized and supervised attention by one of our managers who coordinate and lead our team of lawyers.


To face and fulfil every situation and attend our clients, our professionals recieve continous training as a essential base of our functioning and managing of work and knowledge.
The several departments of our firm are no close spaces, but permanently collaborative and teamworking to provide our members an integral vision of the set of issues.

Our values

Cortes & CO. Lawyers practices the law under the values of trust, efficiency, excellency, committment, and customer proximity, respecting other professionals, ethical and deontological principals.

Social responsability

Cortes & Co Lawyers conceives the practice of the law as a vocation of individual and collective development for our team, and also as an irrevocable mandate of contribute, collaborate and help proactively our society and nation.
The aforementioned acquis have promoted our professionals to be part of cultural, juridic, and economic institutions, what shows our our special vocation for social aid in favor of non lucrative associations, foundations, and collectives.


We join our strengths to give you solutions.